Arthritis and Marijuana Use


It is estimated that more than 30 million people suffer from arthritis every year. Arthritis can be a debilitating condition that may affect your joints and also the skill to rely on them. Many with severe pain notice that it discourages them from doing the tasks they love and limits many to depending on stair lifts and hand rails simply to move in 1 room inside their home to another.

When there are lots of treatments out there for this illness, clinical research has yet to locate a definite and effective cure that reverses the symptoms – most treatments are focused mainly on pain relief medications or taking supplements that can help with strengthening cartilage. Because of this it is not surprising that some may be thinking about learning marijuana, a natural narcotic derived from the cannabis plant can be utilised in curing their

There has been a great deal of controversy on the use of this plant for treating illness and disease in addition to its recreational usage which can be habit forming and potentially detrimental effects. Marijuana is also illegal to make use of within many regions of earth, which makes it difficult to obtain and putting anyone in danger who uses it for legal punishment which can involve fines and jail sentencing.

Limited studies have been done to learn the consequences of using the drug in treating joint conditions so that as an alternative for additional available prescription pain relievers. It is still frequently a debate if smoking bud is habit forming or addictive, and in that case whether these pitfalls could allow it to be no better of another than existing treatments.

While many would recommend that dependency to marijuana would occur only in teenagers and adults, a more surprisingly increasing level of people who’re employing it like a treatment for chronic pain will also be finding themselves becoming reliant on this drug. For many it is a throw up between choosing over medication addiction or being reliant on friends and family to help them with the everyday tasks in life.

It may be several more years before we finally know the reply to how to cure and treat arthritic symptoms. If you believe you may have the pain has become acute, you will find many options available to research and chat about with your doctor. Your doctor ought to be probably the most upto date and most useful resource for studying ways to deal with your condition and accommodate your lifestyle so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

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